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    Dr. Terry Lyles holds a PhD. in psychology and is recognized as a national/international educator, author and speaker to universities, schools, Fortune 500 Companies, world-class athletes, and public audiences.

    He teaches groups of all ages how to Navigate Life Storms and enhance performance through integrating psychological and physiological tools, metrics and practices. .

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Good Stress

The secret to good stress is found in the alignment of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical capacities, combined with work/rest cycles at home and at work. The backdrop of this unique technology stems from merging sports science, biotelemetry, predictive analytics and performance psychology in ways that yield quantifiable results.  Stress must always be put in the proper context of its metaphorical storm….The corporate world calls these storms STRESS, the sports world calls them COMPETITION, and families simply call them CHAOS.

Dr. Lyles’ research and clinical experience has isolated the common elements of stress in order to ultimately help people get better at whatever they do.  Others seek to minimize the damage stress has on their clients life, job or sport.   Dr. Lyles believes we can use stress to focus and direct energy to thrive in our performance and mind/body alignment. A simple definition of stress could be described as "any opposing force, potentially limiting forward progress."

Thus Dr Lyles has introduced “InnerVitals” inner body cameras to provide information so top athletes, musicians and even everyday gamers can better harmonize their mind and body. This technology was launched before millions at the Indy 500 on May 24 2015.

For the first time Indy 500 telecast used bio telemetry to show driver’s heart rate and calories burned to enhance the fan experience.


This integrative philosophy brings an entirely different definition and response to good stress, athletic performance, and everyday life. Top athletes utilize our “InnerVitals” body cameras and stress optimization techniques, now you can too. Learn to harness the power of total body mind synchronicity and showcase your talent and skill under pressure!








Terry is an important part of the EVERNHAM Motorsport. He brings a positive thought process to any situation and keeps our key crew members and drivers focused on what is important - performance!Ray Evernham, NASCAR Hall of Fame Crew Chief

We are pleased to have Dr. Lyles on board with the Doug Herbert racing team.  He brings with him principles and ideas that maximize the potential of all our team members and ultimately will help us get to the finish line ahead of our competition at over 330 MPH! Doug Herbert, NHRA Top Fuel Driver and B.R.A.K.E.S

 “Dr. Terry Lyles possesses an incredibly unique life gift: He selflessly shares what he has learned in working through his own personal trials, and shows people how to convert challenges, and even tragedies, into inner strength and success. Terry’s openness and compassion is an inspiration for anyone in need of direction and reassurance. I wholeheartedly endorse this book!” Tim Cindric , President TEAM PENSKE

“Dr. Terry Lyles . . . is so full of wisdom and truth. . . . He pulls this wisdom from his huge
pot of life experiences and research and blesses all the people around him with sage advice and wonderful encouragement.John Li, MD, ENT, Allergy Associates of Florida

“If you think you are beaten, you are; if you’d like to win but think you can’t, it’s almost certain you won’t. Life’s battles don’t always go to the strongest or the fastest, but sooner or later the one who wins is the one who believes and never gives up. . . . Dr. Terry Lyles [has helped] me to understand the pressures and stress when life’s spotlight is on me to excel. He has catapulted me to the next level in my life and in my athletic performance on pit road!” Ed Watkins, Gas Man for NASCAR Sprint Cup Target #42 Car

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Dr. Terry Lyles

Dr. Terry Lyles holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is recognized as a national/international educator, author and speaker to universities, schools, Fortune 500 Companies, world-class athletes, and public audiences. He teaches groups of all ages how to Navigate Life Storms through life balance training.

Dr. Lyles has trained hundreds of individuals including Fire Rescue workers in and around Ground Zero, International Forensic Medical teams in the Asian torn Tsunami area and the United States Air Force Space Command, sharing his time-tested, scientifically measured approach to stress utilization.

Major corporations have also benefited from this training technology such as DaimlerChrysler, Banana Republic, Macy’s West, Pfizer, Universal Studios and Tommy Hilfiger, to name just a few. Dr. Lyles has appeared on NBC, ABC, USA Today, CNN, Headlines News, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and FOX NEWS, and in U.S. News & World Report as a Corporate Performance Enhancement and Life-Balance Specialist, and hosted a premiere talk show sponsored by Success Magazine, and was heard as the “Stress Doctor” in South Florida.

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Virtual Stress Coaching

This virtual stress coaching self-improvement social networking website will influence users with the help and resources necessary to develop personally, relationally, and occupationally due to the negative influence from this current economic tsunami. This site will open a new world of meeting other people in similar situations who may also be losing jobs, homes, savings, and the future expectations of living a better life in the near future. Membership includes discounted products and services, customized advanced coaching, webinar training events, weekly tips, allowing individuals to experience the edutainment dynamics that Corporate America, US Military, and professional athletes have enjoyed for years from the unique style of communication from Dr. Terry Lyles.

This unique time in history with stress affecting everyone from students, stay-home moms, corporate performers, and athletes can now experience the power of taking control of the best that life has to offer by receiving this life-changing program for overall life-success and personal development like never before. Our unique “Stress Indicator” data monitoring system allows users to evaluate monthly accountability “weigh-in” for sustained progress and compare that progress within their network of friends. This online voice recognition software is a part of the $9.95 monthly membership to assure customized personal-growth progress with sustainable accountability.

Crisis and tragedy are approached in two phases; the first is “search and rescue” and the second is “recovery.” The economic tsunami that hit us in 2015 is just now entering the recovery phase, and I have assisted in recovery training around the world including Ground Zero, the Thailand Tsunami, Haiti earthquake, and hurricanes on a regular basis. The world is ready to succeed in this new and undiscovered economic landscape, but most are not prepared for the next evolution of chaos and change that awaits everyone without proper training and exposure to this life-changing virtual stress coaching program. Choose to participate in this exciting opportunity that will impact your life in history so we can be a part of the solution instead of a casualty... ...beginning now! Click below and join the growing number of people who have started their journey toward recovery and growth to an exciting new day.






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